TalentEd: A Platform for Teachers and Administrators

Using a TalentEd sign in helps make it easier to manage the teachers in your school.

It’s a three-phase program that guides you through the process of fostering a phenomenal learning environment.

Administrators can recruit new talent, review their performance, and establish records.

TalentEd Sign In Overview

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Finding the best educators for your school is of the utmost importance for any district.

Since they will be at the forefront of your students’ learning, you’ll want the best possible candidates.

This program helps make it simpler by taking you through the process step by step.

Not only does it help you work through the process of hiring teachers, but it also adds value to your school.

The interface is innovative yet still easy to use, which makes it a great resource.

You’ll find it’s quite similar to traditional paper-based recruiting practices, but with many new features.

For example, you can add annotations to applications and highlight applicants on your shortlist.

You can even filter searches if you’re looking for a specific professional with a set of necessary skills.

Streamlining the hiring process has never been simpler than with the help of this program.

How Does It Work?

For Administrators

As mentioned, using the scheduling platform is slightly like traditional hiring processes, but it makes it simpler.

Administrators will have access to plenty of fantastic features, including:

  • Talent Acquisition

As the first step of the process, you’ll be able to keep your school as a competitive option for applicants.

You can easily compete for some of the best educators, meanwhile staying within your hiring budget.

It also helps you show the competitive compensation you’ll offer while accessing a diverse pool of staff.

When managing the requisition process, all of the features are available in real-time and accessible anywhere.

You can also customize all of the application forms on your desktop or mobile based on your school’s needs.

  • Recruit and Hire Tool

Once you have designed the perfect application forms, you’ll get into the Recruit and Hire tool.

This feature is designed to ensure you can easily pick and interview potential candidates.

You can do many things with this tool, such as publishing jobs, rating candidates, and soliciting feedback.

Its primary purpose is to give HR teams more time to focus on the communication aspect of hiring.

The program helps enable compliance without having to deal with physical paperwork.

It also helps make it simpler to fill important positions quickly.

  • Talent Management

Once you’ve found the best candidates for your positions, you can move onto the talent management process.

As teaching begins, administrators can set and evaluate goals and performances to ensure mutual positive outcomes.

It creates a seamless connection between teachers and their administrators to establish better learning paths.

There are also performance review programs available to review past and current performance.

As an administrator, you’ll be able to create customized evaluations and do digital observations.

Similar to teachers and their students, you can also create cumulative performance scores.

  • Faculty Information System

Having access to crucial teacher-based information is essential for every school.

Using the Faculty Information System, you’ll have a holistic view of research, faculty performance, and advancement.

It makes it exceptionally easy to track your teachers’ professional story while ensuring they continually align their efforts to common goals.

Maintaining teacher records will also be more efficient using this program.

Administrators can save district-wide documentation about their teachers and add files to their folders digitally.

All you have to do is scan documents, and you can then add them electronically with a TalentEd sign in.

For Teachers

As a teacher, applying to desirable teaching positions has never been simpler.

Instead of trying to browse through generic job boards, you’ll have targeted listing based on your qualifications.

Also, since all of the processes are digitally streamlined, you can manage your applications in one convenient location.

You’ll be able to filter through potential listings by a variety of criteria, helping you find the perfect placement.

Administrators will be able to assign interviews through the platform, which is ideal for maintaining your interview schedule.

By adding all of your relevant qualifications and achievements, you can easily make yourself more appealing to your target audience.

After getting hired, maintaining your personal and teaching records is also simpler.

With the Record Information System, all of your important data will be stored digitally.

It can also be shared between schools using the same system, which is ideal for switching schools.

Instead of having to worry about managing paperwork, everything will be scanned and digitized.

Overall, it’s a very well-rounded program to help you find the best possible job positions in your area.

talented sign in


Teacher Performance Scores

Keeping your educators apprised of their current and past performance is vital for achieving long-term goals.

With the ability to create personal rubrics, you can provide easy-to-understand performance scores.

Administrators can grade their teachers in many areas, such as organization and professionalism.

You can also add custom content, such as one-on-one comments for specific teachers.

You’ll find that the one to four rating scale is more than sufficient to meet your needs in most cases.

Custom Job Applications

Often, job seekers look for companies that put effort into the application process.

With the opportunity to create custom job applications, you can attract top-tier candidates.

You can also ensure you’re setting the correct standards to find your job postings’ best talent.

Digital Scheduling

Another impressive benefit of the platform is its digital scheduling feature.

Once an applicant applies to your position, you can schedule an interview directly through the platform.

You can then pick a specific date and time that works best, or offer multiple dates for the candidate to choose from.

When a date has been chosen, the program saves it to your calendar and the candidate’s calendar.

With its Gmail and Microsoft Outlook integration, both parties can effortlessly manage their hiring schedule.


To get more information on pricing, you’ll have to contact PeopleAdmin for more details.

You can also sign up for a demo to get a free tutorial of the program and all of its exciting features.

It’s likely the pricing will vary based on the number of licenses you’ll need to purchase.


With programs such as this, managing your personnel is simpler than you’d think.

Administrators can quickly create innovative job applications, schedule interviews, and manage their new employees.

As an applicant, you’ll find it’s simpler to find the teaching positions you deserve with competitive benefits.

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