Teachboost: Professional Development Made Simple

A Teachboost login gives administrators and teachers access to several professional development resources and tools.

The beginning of a healthier learning ecosystem starts with teachers, especially for struggling students.

With these PD resources, educators can find new adaptive ways to offer innovative instruction that significantly benefit their classes.

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At its core, this platform is designed to be an instructional leadership tool for educators and administrators.

Teachers can take advantage of several professional development resources to better their teaching.

Administrators can also track their teacher’s performance to ensure every student has equal learning opportunities.

As curriculums change and students require different learning methods, teachers must adapt.

With this program’s help, you’ll have access to several modern and adaptable practices to boost student knowledge.

There are three main tiers that you’ll find in the program: Observations and Evaluations, Coaching and Mentorship, and Professional Development.

Each of the three tiers focuses on specific concepts, such as observing teachers in classroom environments and mentoring educators.

By completing their professional development, administrators can guarantee they have a better-prepared group of educators.

This process will directly translate into better student performance and more positive feedback from learners and their parents.

Teachboost Login: How Does It Work?

For Teachers

As mentioned, there are three tiers to the program that teachers can use to their advantage.

  • Observations and Evaluations

In this module, educators will find unique ways to meet observation requirements to match evaluation goals.

You will also have access to useful tips and tricks to enhance their professional development while supporting other educators.

You’ll have access to customization for rubrics, cycles, and forms, as well as observation schedules.

Teachers will find this process useful for holding themselves accountable for completing their training.

You’ll also receive higher quality feedback upon completing each module, assisting you with furthering your skills.

The platform will support every educator through their observation and evaluation process with transparency.

  • Coaching and Mentorship

Like students, some teachers learn best when taught by seasoned professionals.

With the Coaching and Mentorship module, educators can easily organize their activities and focus on their goals.

You’ll have access to an innovative calendar that’s complete with meeting notes to keep your coaching work in one place.

Another exciting component of this program is that it helps build trust and transparency.

Teachers and administrators can collaborate to share resources, feedback, and evidence in a coaching cycle.

You can also share your coaching summaries with your administrators and peers in total confidentiality.

  • Professional Development

Differentiated professional development has never been simpler than with this platform.

Educators will have access to several different learning resources and opportunities.

Each task you’re assigned will be based on your performance data to improve in the most critical areas.

Individual teachers will receive personalized professional development resources that are highly flexible and adaptable.

You’ll also have access to one-on-one support to ensure that you meet all of your set goals.

With a direct connection to professional goals and observations, meeting your school’s expectations has never been simpler.

You can opt to control your professional development to reflect their personal goals.

You can curate a list of informative, professional development resources, growing your collection over time.

You’ll have access to a ton of examples, videos, documents, rubrics, and more.

All of the content you’ve curated is easily accessible through your dashboard, allowing you to work at your own pace.

You’ll also find critical features for guidance, such as identified strengths and areas for improvement.

For Administrators

Administrators can also take advantage of this platform to help boost their educators’ abilities.

There are several essential features that you’ll need to put to use to track the progress of your employees.

With observations, administrators can construct specific rubrics for teachers to adhere to during their training.

You can also set specific observation cycles and send reminders to teachers about upcoming assessments.

As educators complete their development tasks, you can track their observation targets.

You’ll also receive an assortment of reports with easy-to-read data to show your staff’s successes.

You can effortlessly manage your district settings and templates available to educators with an account.

You can also personalize your privacy settings, depending on whether you want to publicly or privately share certain information.

The program will quickly eliminate all of the hands-on work you’d be responsible for with traditional observations.

You can digitally prioritize your workload to ensure educators meet the set observation targets.

With the platform, you can conduct informal and formal evaluations with Sketch implementation for convenience.

Also, there’s the ability to upload documents, images, and videos to offer personalized feedback.

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Improving Employer-Employee Relationships

Fostering a healthy communication line between an administration and its teachers is essential.

With this platform, schools can build better relationships through positive reinforcement and professional training.

Administrators can share transparent information with their educators to boost trust and make learning more collaborative.

Calendar Integration

Teachers who like to be as organized as possible will love the seamless calendar integration.

When observation schedules are designed, you can easily connect your Google or Microsoft calendar to your account.

This process ensures all updates are sent to your calendars for review.

Private and Public Sharing

With professional development, certain information must be kept private.

With the ability to share information privately, administrators can establish better trust with their teachers.

Alternatively, you can streamline certain processes by opting to share specific information publicly.

You’ll find that you can quickly connect with your entire staff or individuals by using this platform.

Data-Driven Results

As mentioned, this platform offers differentiated learning for teachers to learn at their own pace.

The program’s algorithm takes individual performance into account, offering data-driven assessments and results.

Every teacher will improve in the specific areas they lack to create a healthier learning environment.

On the other hand, it also helps to save educators time since they don’t have to focus on topics they’ve already mastered.


The pricing tiers for this program will vary depending on your school’s size and the number of teachers.

On average, schools can pay anywhere from $2000 to $4000 annually.

The company will adjust your rates based on the number of teachers, and you’ll be charged yearly for access to the materials.


With a Teachboost login, you can transform your school into an adaptable learning environment.

Students will benefit significantly from professionally trained teachers with modern teaching methods and concepts.

You’ll also begin to notice a healthier relationship between teachers and their administration.

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