TeachersPayTeachers: An Innovative Lesson Plan Marketplace

TeachersPayTeachers is a website that will prove useful for educators who are looking to give back to their community or earn a reasonable sum from their ideas. With the opportunity to sell, buy, or request lesson plans, all of the materials on this site are sure to be a hit with your classes. It’s a far better alternative than choosing boring and repetitive readings that your students have likely experienced before.



(source: www.teacherspayteachers.com)

Also known as a resource-sharing website, TeachersPayTeachers is precisely what you need when you want to get access to original lesson plans that are straight from the mind of other educators. Teachers can submit their work and offer it for specific prices, allowing you to make supplemental income from lesson plans you have already developed for your classes.

You’ll surely appreciate the shopping experience that you’ll have from the site, allowing you to pick and choose the best content for your students. There are also ratings for all of the products readily available on the site, similar to if you were shopping for anything else online.

By reading the reviews, you can determine whether a particular item is suitable for your students or consider looking elsewhere. The diverse catalog of articles is quite impressive and will surely help to keep students of any age engaged in your lessons.

How Does It Work?

For Teachers

You can quickly browse the website without an account, but if you want to make a purchase, you will be required to create an account. There is an assortment of search parameters that teachers can use, allowing you to narrow down the catalog of thousands of products by grade or education level. For example, there is content for Pre-K to 12th grade, as well as higher education, adult education, and homeschooling.

Teachers are going to immediately want to fill their cart with an assortment of materials, as there are many to choose from. You can find novel studies, printable activities, learning packets, distance learning activities, interactive notebooks, videos, and more. It’s quite easy to prepare an entire year’s worth of classes in your first visit to the website.

TeachersPayTeachers isn’t only for people shopping for supplies; it can also be a valuable source for educators who want to sell their innovative concepts online. Top sellers are featured on the front page, as are the most popular resources that teachers have looked into. This is a great way to boost the popularity of your content. You also have full control over the pricing system; some teachers are offering materials for as little as $2.

For Students

Although students won’t be able to put the website to as much use as their teachers or parents, the content that is purchased will help keep them engaged in their studies. It’s awe-inspiring to see the creativity of educators from around the world, as they have comprised a robust catalog of different activities that are sure to enthrall your students.

Parents can also put this resource to good use if they want to create a supplementary education to the core curriculum their kids are already learning. Fortunately, the entire website is available to anyone willing to make a purchase, so parents can create at-home assignments to help tutor their children outside of school to further their skills.

Students might want to consider browsing through the resources if they are preparing for post-secondary school or specialized testing. Some of the items can prove invaluable for their studies. Instead of using traditional study materials, you might be able to test your skills and knowledge using well-thought-out resources from other teachers around the world.


Affordable Resources

There are plenty of resources priced below five dollars and even more below 10 dollars. Teachers will be able to accumulate a substantial number of resources for agreeable prices that are sure to fall within their budgets.

You’ll appreciate the moderate cost of the materials as well as the fact that you can sign up for a free account, which can help you to save even more.

Numerous Resources

Whether you’re preparing for in-class lessons or searching for materials for distance learning, the options are endless thanks to the many types of resources available on the website. A few of the most notable categories include assessments, projects, literacy ideas, lesson plans, activities, worksheets, independent work packets, Google apps, and more.

Free Accounts

There’s no need to invest more of your money into an account when it comes to selling your products, as you can do so entirely for free. With that said, the company will take a substantially higher commission off each sale if you choose a free account instead of a paid one, but it is still a great way to share your resources with the public and make a little extra money.

Easy to Use

Even if you browse the website without an account, you’ll find that it’s a straightforward platform that is well laid out. You can use the search fields to find specific items or browse it by category or subject as well as enter keywords or price points that fit within your budget.

Each product comes with a brief description of what it is and how it can be used, making it easier to use in the classroom.


As a buyer, your account is entirely free, and sellers can opt to sign up for a free account as well. However, the company will take a 60% commission from every sale that you make, regardless of how many sales you’ve made over time.

By choosing to have a paid membership, which is $60 annually, they will only take 15% commission, which could be a better option for a teacher who intends to sell a lot of materials.


TeachersPayTeachers is a fantastic resource across the board, whether you need new and innovative materials for your class or if you want to sell fresh concepts to other teachers. Regardless, you will be helping other educators to buy more supplies for their classrooms with your contribution and give them something engaging to look forward to during their next class.

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