Teaching Channel: Helping Teachers Refine Skills

Teaching Channel videos can significantly improve the abilities of educators worldwide.

The program contains several informative videos designed to help provide students with the best learning opportunities.

If you’re looking for professional development courses, there are plenty of modules to choose from.


teaching channel videos
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This platform is more than a collection of informative videos. It’s an in-depth resource for educators.

You’ll have the ability to refine your teaching skills and improve in areas you could be lacking.

Also, it’s an innovative tool to learn new and outstanding teaching techniques that directly benefit students.

Ensuring that you are up-to-date with the latest teaching techniques is essential for any educator.

Since students always have changing needs, you’ll want to be adequately prepared to handle all learning curves.

By using several fantastic resources, this program enables teachers to take their career to the next level.

You’ll find plenty of training videos on the platform, as well as learning cycles that help with specific areas.

There are over 75 different learning cycles, which include:

  • Technology in the Classroom
  • New Teachers
  • Lesson Planning
  • Classroom Management
  • Classroom Culture
  • Reading and Writing
  • STEM

Another exciting component of the program is that you can network with other educators.

Teachers can connect with their peers to share valuable information and gain insights into new teaching methods.

There’s always new information to share with coworkers and others around the world who use the program.

Educators can opt to take package training in the course catalog, covering every aspect of a specific topic.

For example, you can purchase a School Safety Bundle, which is designed for individual study.

In this component, you’ll learn about keeping students safe and secure while in the classroom.

There are several other course offerings as well, including:

  • Differentiation and Academic Language Instruction
  • Evidence-Based Conversations for Continuous Improvement
  • Strong Homeschool Connections
  • Social Justice Education for EL Teachers

Teaching Channel Videos: How Do They Work?

For Teachers

With the wide variety of items available through the Teaching Channel, you can guarantee there’s something for anyone.

Educators are the group that will benefit the most, as resources are directed towards their career development.

However, students will also begin to see significant improvements in their classes.

One of the most notable areas to consider is the PD Express program.

It’s a vast collection of professional learning courses that are available online and can be completed quickly.

By spending two hours in each module, you’ll receive a certificate of completion at the end.

A few of our favorite courses you should consider will include:

  • Attention Techniques: Delving into different strategies to capture the attention of students to reduce wasted classroom time.
  • Differentiation: Understanding the concepts behind differentiated instruction and its benefits.
  • Classroom Culture: Learning how to implement healthier classroom culture elements for a positive environment.
  • Digging into Data: Exploring the importance of data and metrics in overall performance.
  • Gesture Like You Mean It: Teaching how body language can positively affect classroom attentiveness and behavior.
  • Moving Your Instruction Online: Teaching educators how to transform existing classroom plans into online instruction.
  • New Teacher Practices: Assisting new teachers with planning during their first few weeks at school.

When you sign up for an account, the course will require you to complete a certain number of PD hours.

Once you’ve reached your goal, you can successfully say that you have diversified yourself as an educator.

With the numerous options to earn PD hours in the program, you can quickly learn new and innovative techniques.

Another significant feature teachers have access to is a customizable curriculum.

Depending on the materials and syllabus you’re working with, you can develop training based on existing lesson plans.

This feature is one of the most intuitive since you can adequately prepare for specific situations.

With tailored training, you won’t have to worry about learning information you aren’t likely to use.

It can also help you manage your time effectively, so you can spend more time applying your newly learned tricks.

You’ll find it will become far simpler to self-direct your teaching abilities and learning skills using this program.

For Administrators

Administrators are another group that is bound to benefit from the implementation of Teaching Channel videos.

Ensuring all of your employees are up to par with state standards is imperative.

It’s also essential that you take the time to ensure every student gets the type of teaching they need to succeed.

By opting for a district account or building account, you can give all of your teachers licenses.

Administrators can customize training for specific groups or the school as a whole.

If you prefer for your teachers to be more independent with their training, you can give them an account.

Keeping track of the courses your teachers complete is simple, as well as the PD hours they’re accumulating.

It’s a fantastic way to monitor educators’ professional progress to ensure they’re doing their best.

You can guarantee that student grades and feedback will be far more positive by the program’s conclusion.

teaching channel videos


Focusing on the Source

Teachers are at the forefront of education since they are responsible for teaching challenging topics.

By ensuring educators have access to ample training and development resources, children benefit greatly.

This program is designed to focus on improving the source of students’ education by encouraging their teachers.


You won’t have to worry about learning a new digital platform that is challenging to grasp.

Every tool that you could need will be readily available once you log into your account.

The interface is straightforward and is a great way to branch off into a more digital future for your school.

Efficient Courses

It can be challenging to manage your time between lesson planning, teaching in-class, and having personal time.

Fortunately, the vast majority of PD Express courses are only two hours in length, if not shorter.

You can get ample training in the least amount of time possible to diversify your skills.

Easily Saved Videos

If there’s a specific topic you want to learn about or refresh on, you’ll love the Personal Resource Page.

In this module, you’ll be able to create lists of videos that you want to save to your library.

You can then, at your convenience, access the lists and begin your training.


Several pricing options are available depending on the number of licenses you’ll require.

The costs are as follows:

  • 1 to 30 users: $3,999/year
  • 31 to 60 users: $7,998/year
  • 61 to 90 users: $11,997/year
  • 91 to 120 users: $15,996/year
  • 121 to 150 users: $19,995/year
  • 150+ users: Custom pricing


Teaching Channel videos are a remarkable way to improve the environment of your schools.

Educators will feel better prepared for their classes while students reap the benefit of professional training.

This program has plenty of benefits to keep your staff up to date with the latest teaching techniques.

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