Thinkcerca: A Top-Rated Literacy Tool

With a Thinkcerca sign in, your students have ample opportunity to broaden their literacy skills.

As a very comprehensive tool that will prove useful for students and educators, it helps to shift learning positively.


thinkcerca sign in

The central premise of the program is to use a six-step approach to helping students better understand literacy.

Within the six steps, students will be able to participate in reading, writing, speaking, and listening.

Teachers will also be able to track the progress of their students’ engagement as they complete assignments.

Using an advanced library, students can receive an assortment of assignments designed for grades three through 12.

You’ll also find that the program tracks the successes of students to assign projects automatically.

Each project will meet the specific needs of the student, allowing for a more personalized teaching environment.

Students will find plenty of vocabulary and audio support within the assignments, which can help them work through problems independently.

You can guarantee that your students will have an improvement in essay development by the end of the program.

Also, this innovative program can help boost in-class discussions by bringing engaging topics to the class.

What makes Thinkcerca unique is that it makes sure students finish at the same standard but with different readiness levels.

Considering every student learns differently, this platform helps make lessons easier to understand.

All of their assignments will be customized based on their current skills, and as they improve, the tasks get tougher.

How Does It Work?

For Teachers

One of the main things that teachers will love about this program is how they can provide actionable feedback.

Not only will you help better your students’ understanding of literacy, but you can also provide feedback they can work with and help them improve.

Through the platform, you can provide personalized feedback one-on-one, rather than doing so during class.

As with most online learning platforms, you’ll have access to all of your students’ data to monitor their progress.

Fortunately, the application monitors their progress in real-time so that you can track their assignments immediately.

With this type of information, you can help improve your teaching plan to ensure it meets everyone’s needs.

Providing assignments is also particularly comfortable with this platform’s help since its interface is easy to navigate.

Teachers can search through a comprehensive library of curriculum-approved reading assignments.

You can quickly sort through the number of modules and reading passages by genre, author, theme, and more.

With each reading passage, there will be pre-designed leveled questions for grades three through 12.

You’ll also be able to customize some of the questions if you want a more hands-on approach.

Otherwise, you can allow the platform to do most of the work for you to focus primarily on in-class teaching.

For Administrators

Administrators will also benefit from this program because it provides exclusive tracking figures for schools and districts.

You can monitor the progress of individual classes, schools, or your district.

This tool is especially important if you are looking to improve the overall literacy performance across an entire school.

All of the presented data is real-time, which is equally as convenient as the teacher-tracking.

Administrators will love that they can look at usage data and time-on-task data.

With these figures, you can determine which classes are putting it to use, and there’s a correlation between better grades.

The data brought to your account is provided in a convenient and easy-to-read fashion.

You’ll find real-time metrics, comprehensive graphs, and even access benchmark grades to know where your schools should be performing.

For Students

Students will particularly love this program because it helps them to find literature that they’ll enjoy.

Instead of browsing through traditional assignments that the curriculum offers, this program takes a new approach.

With a ton of different themes ranging from sports to nature, students can read about things they’re interested in.

Using this approach, you’ll find your classes will be far more likely to take their assignments seriously.

Also, Thinkcerca is just as easy for kids to use as teachers, with comprehensive ways to answer their assignments.

Students will have access to digital interactive graphic organizers to improve their writing skills for essays and short answers.

Another exciting feature of the program is students will improve their skills without realizing it.

They will be reading through text about their favorite subjects and answering assessments.

Meanwhile, they’ll be improving their argumentative writing skills, informational writing skills, and narrative writings.


Differentiation Tools

Instead of giving the same assignment to every student in your class, this program provides a more personal touch.

Each student will be given assignments designed to meet their readiness level while teaching them essential skills for their age.

By working through assignments at their own pace, they will find it easier to meet the expected standards for their grade.

The differentiation tools are also essential for auto-assigning lessons.

This feature ensures that students receive the perfect assignments every time, instead of teachers manually assigning them.

You’ll also find ELD support and resources.

Paperless Usage

If your school is looking to cut back on paper consumption, you’ll be glad to know this program is entirely digital.

Teachers will be able to assign digital assignments, digital readings, and even grade digitally.

Students will be able to log into their accounts and review their grades at any time.

Highly Collaborative

With the combination of high-interest topics and debatable writing prompts, you can also encourage creativity.

Students can collaborate and share their perspectives on specific topics.

You’ll find the platform helps establish a more robust in-class experience with speaking and listening activities.


The program’s pricing will depend on the number of licenses you’ll need for your school or district.

It’s recommended that you speak with a sales representative to receive a customized quote and ask any questions.

There’s also an available on-demand demo so that you can get an idea of what the program has to offer.


Opting for a Thinkcerca sign in is a fantastic benefit for all of your classes.

By giving students a more comprehensive learning environment, their literacy skills are bound to improve drastically.

Thinkcerca is an easy-to-use tool that gives administrators and teachers the ability to track their students’ improvements.

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