Turnitin Revision Assistant: Transforming Creative and Scientific Writing

Using the TurnItIn Revision Assistant allows educators and students to submit the highest-quality assignments possible.

By combining innovative techniques and actionable revisions, students can learn how to improve their work independently.

Teachers can also use it as a unique platform for implementing core reading and writing skills for further development.

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TurnItIn is one of the most impressive platforms used by schools worldwide.

With Revision Assistant’s implementation, teachers will quickly notice a drastic improvement in student performance.

It’s a fantastic platform to teach students the best ways to revise their written work before submission.

Unlike other platforms, this program is designed to assist students along their creative and scientific writing journeys.

As students work on their assignments, the platform analyzes their text and provides suggestions and prompts for further edits.

However, instead of merely providing advice, the platform also explains why specific revisions are needed.

With this process, students can identify and learn key elements to their writing that need improvement.

Over time, they will be less likely to make common mistakes, allowing them to submit well-rounded papers.

It also takes an innovative approach by allowing teachers to analyze their students’ progress as they submit assignments.

The program’s approach is particularly notable for students who require motivation when improving their studies.

With differentiated feedback, individual assignments are graded based on each student’s abilities.

This process ensures individual writers get specific instructions that are easy for them to understand and apply.

TurnItIn Revision Assistant: How Does It Work?

For Teachers

Teachers love this platform’s format because it’s seamless and easy to integrate across the board.

Unlike other learning platforms, educators can use this program with any subject.

It’s also easily aligned with the current curriculum, providing standard-aligned tasks and assessments for students.

As projects are submitted, the platform combs through content to find each student’s strengths and struggles.

It then diagnoses the issue, providing scores for each assignment based on the student’s performance.

Teachers can then use this actionable data to provide further in-class teachings to understand core writing concepts better.

The data provided from each submission is highly versatile in several ways to bolster student’s educational opportunities.

Teachers can use it to provide differentiated instruction, while schools use the data to see signs of growth.

Districts can determine which schools and classes require additional support for a healthier learning environment.

The real-time data is invaluable to ensure students have access to the most critical growth opportunities in the classroom.

One of the more unique features of this platform is that it’s not only used for proofreading but also for providing assignments.

Instead of developing your own writing assessments, you can do so through the program.

The platform will provide students with a specific prompt aligned with their rubric and current study area.

They will then be given instructions to complete the written assessment directly through the platform, then graded.

It’s an extensive process to improve students’ reading and writing capabilities by using unique vital steps.

For Students

Students who have always struggled to formulate and express ideas will benefit significantly from this program.

It ensures every learner gets the support they need to accurately and concisely complete formal and informal written assignments.

As mentioned, it’s a multi-step process that includes:

  • Prewriting

After receiving the writing prompt, the program will then bring students to the prewriting page, which is essential for organizational skills.

Students will need to outline their ideas during this step, making it easier to formulate a formal assignment.

They will be required to brainstorm the claims for their assessments, find accurate evidence, and develop a conclusion.

  • Drafts

Before writing the final assignment, students are required to compose several drafts.

With their first draft, they will need to put their ideas into long-form sentences, which can then be scored.

By using Revision Assistant’s help, students can learn different ways to expand their ideas.

Once the first draft is complete, the program will send them to the second draft, which also provides scores.

In the second draft, students will find their approximate scores for their rubric concepts.

If further improvement is required, there will be holistic revision suggestions provided to the writer.

  • Proofreading

At this point, students should be near-finished in their written assignments.

The program will guide them through the proofreading portion to find grammar, spelling, and punctuation mistakes in this mode.

Once the proofreading is complete, students should see an increase in their score based on the rubric criteria.

  • Submission

When students are satisfied with their final work, they can submit their assignments through the platform.

Once submitted, teachers will receive real-time alerts that allow them to access the content immediately.

The program also automatically grades the work so that teachers can review essential insights into student performance.

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Shows Strengths and Struggles

When using a traditional proofreading tool, there’s a significant gap in learning with students.

Instead of being told what needs to be improved, writers need to know why certain areas require improvements.

With this platform, each sentence is analyzed to determine the writer’s strengths and struggles.

If strength is found, it is highlighted to provide positive reinforcement.

If a struggle is found, the program also highlights it and provides informative suggestions for improvement.

As long as students can take the advice and apply it to the rest of their assignment, their grades are sure to increase.

Rubric-Diven Recommendations

Before assigning written projects, teachers can customize rubrics on the platform.

This process ensures students’ work is analyzed and graded to meet each teacher’s specifications.

All of the revision recommendations are specifically designed to ensure students adhere to personalized criteria.

Easy-To-Use Design

One of the most considerable advantages of this platform is that it’s easy for teachers and students to use.

Teachers can quickly glance at their students’ progress through the dashboard and track real-time metrics.

Students can make significant improvements to their written assessments with a few clicks.


Pricing for this program depends on the number of licenses you require.

It’s essential to consider using the free trial to determine if this is the type of platform your students can benefit from.

Fortunately, the trial is entirely free, while licenses can range between seven and ten dollars for each student per year.

Revision Assistant: The Conclusion

With the TurnItIn Revision Assistant, students can submit better quality assignments.

Each of the suggested revisions helps them better understand the frequent and common mistakes while writing.

It’s an innovative platform that streamlines writers’ creative processes of any age.

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