Tynker: A Kid-Friendly Way To Learn Coding

Tynker coding for kids is an excellent way to encourage your kids to learn impressive skills.

As one of the most respectable future careers, learning how to code will prove quite useful.

With programs such as this one, kids can learn about computer code in a fun and engaging way.


tynker coding for kids
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Not only does the program help students grasp the basic concepts of coding, but it teaches other vital skills.

Students will develop both critical thinking and problem-solving skills using STEM processes.

By learning a new skill, you’ll begin to notice your kids will have a newfound confidence.

There are currently over 60 million students who now use the platform to learn computer programming.

It has also won over 40 awards and features over 3700 teaching modules for students to work through.

Plenty of curriculums now focus on coding as a valuable part of education, and this platform is useful.

How Does It Work?

For Teachers

It can be challenging for teachers to take on coding, especially if they’ve never explored it before.

Using this program, you’ll have access to plenty of intuitive tools and all of the curriculum-based resources you’ll need.

You’ll find that it combines both coding and STEM to blend students’ education into one course.

A few of the most exciting parts of the curriculum include:

  • Space-themed coding
  • Programming puzzles
  • JavaScript
  • Python
  • Web development
  • Drone programming
  • Life science-themed programming
  • MicroPython
  • Physical Science-themed programming
  • English-themed programming

Teachers will have access to an extensive number of free training when schools sign up for multiple licenses.

It’s highly recommended you consider these resources to help you navigate the program before teaching.

Fortunately, the components are designed to be easy for teachers, even if you’ve never coded before.

Another feature you’ll love is the Automatic Assessments. Instead of having to grade all of your students’ work manually, you can use this feature to do the job for you.

As your class works through their program for the day, this platform will automatically grade their work.

You will be able to review their answers and progression over time using the teacher dashboard.

The helpful metrics you’ll have on-hand can help you focus on specific areas the class might find challenging.

They are also essential to help you know which students might need extra help grasping particular subjects.

With the help of the classroom management tools, you can keep all of your courses organized.

This feature is especially crucial for teachers who work with multiple classes and grades.

You’ll be able to save specific modules per class instead of running the risk of mixing courses up.

Designing your lesson plans has never been more comfortable with the vast number of courses available with this program.

You’ll find over 41 game-based coding activities about Python, JavaScript, LEGO, and STEAM.

The program also offers a built-in quiz engine that allows you to have your students participate in small quizzes.

Each of the short quizzes is pre-designed to test the class’ knowledge of every concept they work through.

It’s highly recommended at the end of each module to reinforce your students’ knowledge.

You can also continue using auxiliary programs in the classroom since it syncs with Clever, Microsoft Azure, and Google Classroom.

As you work through the coding training yourself, you’ll receive rewards and learn a new skill.

With the Blue Ribbon Program, educators can earn rewards and exclusive training to strengthen your coding knowledge.

By the time you’re prepared to teach your classes, you’ll feel like a coding expert as well.

tynker coding for kids

For Students

Coding is generally exciting for kids to begin with because they can build an assortment of things using computer language.

With Tynker coding for kids, they will be able to use math and computer science to express their creativity.

All of the modules are designed for students between the ages of five and 17.

You’ll find your students will love making websites, creating apps, building games, and learning how to control toys.

Also, there are specific modules that allow you to mod popular games, such as Minecraft.

The approach the program takes is exciting because students can take advantage of interest-based learning.

By providing classrooms with topics they’re interested in, you can guarantee participation marks will soar.

Students will be able to choose from pre-designed tracks based on their interests to receive related coding activities.

A few examples of the most popular tracks include:

  • Art and Music
  • Minecraft Modding
  • Game Design
  • Minecraft Game Design
  • AR and Robotics
  • Advanced Coding

By implementing a self-paced learning environment, kids can take advantage of coding in their way.

Each student will participate in self-guided programs and assessments to ensure they’re grasping the concepts quickly.

This teaching method is essential for all learning styles because students can learn at a comfortable pace.

Parents can also get involved in coding when you sign up for an account.

You’ll have access to plenty of informative programs as well as a free introductory premium coding course.

Tynker Coding for Kids Benefits

Brand Partnerships

You can guarantee your students are bound to be impressed by the available brands on the platform.

From Minecraft to Hot Wheels, there are several high-quality programs they’ll love working through.

Compared to other online programs, this also shows the reliability and usefulness of the platform.

STEM Learning

Instead of focusing solely on coding, students will combine computer science and other STEM courses.

It’s a fantastic way to get kids more involved in mathematics and science on top of technologically-advanced studies.

Real-World Coding

Once students have progressed through the more manageable modules, they will then be exposed to real-world coding.

It’s one of the most considerable benefits since they can grasp concepts they would use in work-related applications.

For example, students 14+ will learn about data structures and receive training for AP Computer Science.


Along with the mobile apps that you can download on your devices, there are two student plans.


  • Quarterly: $20/month/student
  • Yearly: $10/month/student
  • Lifetime: $240/student

Family Plans (Up to 4 family members)

  • Quarterly: $30/month
  • Yearly: $15/month
  • Lifetime: $360

If you’re interested in buying a subscription to this coding platform as a gift, there are additional options:

  • One-Year Access: $120/account
  • Lifetime Access: $240/account
  • Family Access: $360/4 accounts

Learning Coding the Fun Way

Using a coding program to teach students about computer science and STEM courses is essential.

They’ll love navigating through game-based learning revolving around their favorite games and brands.

Also, the information both educators and students will use is irreplaceable.

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