Vocabulary Spelling City: Interactive Games and Activities for ELA Learners

A Vocabulary Spelling City test is a new approach to reinforce vocabulary and spelling effortlessly with all of your classes.

It’s a reliable resource to help students catch up with their spelling, improve their existing skills, and teach new concepts.

It provides actionable data to diversify your student’s abilities with many unique rewards and targeted instruction.

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Vocabulary Spelling City test takes most of the challenges out of spelling and vocabulary instruction.

It’s an intuitive program designed to motivate and reward students for their achievements.

Students will work through phonics, spelling instruction, and differentiated activities with the targeted instruction.

There are plenty of easy-to-use tools built into the platform and are designed to complement classroom instructions.

You’ll find an assortment of ready-made A to Z word lists as well as over 40 premium activities and games.

Teachers can opt to assign individual practice or group word study, depending on preference.

Fortunately, there are also many customizable assignments that you can browse through for a more hands-on approach.

As students work through their tasks, you will receive in-depth performance reports.

These metrics give you all of the information you need to help your students develop their skills.

The platform also provides automatic progress reports that you can then send to parents for frequent updates.

You will also enjoy using progress reports during parent-teacher conferences to bridge the gap between home and school.

Besides offering in-class instruction, you can put this platform to good use for homeschool and homework.

As the platform is accessible from anywhere with an internet connection, at-home studying has never been simpler.

It also reinforces independent practice, as many of the tasks are student-led.

Vocabulary Spelling City Test: How Does It Work?

For Teachers

This program is a fantastic resource for educators who want to streamline their lessons.

It’s also one of the top-tier choices for educators looking for a platform designed to offer guaranteed results.

All of the data received as students complete their assignments helps to empower educators.

The empowerment then transitions to more enriched word study and better-facilitated remediation.

If you begin to notice any troublesome areas in learning, you can provide immediate assistance to improve students.

The actionable data is crucial for ESE, ELL, and struggling students.

There are two main ways that teachers can use this program for vocabulary instruction.

The vocabulary lists are the most popular tool, as they include thousands of words for students to review.

You’ll also love the spelling activities and phonics games, as there are over 40 of them to be assigned.

With both, you can create more well-rounded lesson plans that target fundamental ELA skills.

You can efficiently streamline your processes with many built-in features, like automated testing.

Instead of developing tests that correlate with core standards, you can assign pre-made quizzes.

The platform also automatically grades assignments, completed games, and tests on your behalf to help save time.

For Administrators

Another benefit of this platform is that administrators will have a personalized dashboard to manage all accounts.

You can review teacher and school usage and ensure teachers participate in live professional learning opportunities.

It’s a fantastic resource to effectively manage how your faculty puts the program to fair use in their classes.

For Students

Giving students a fun and engaging learning environment helps them understand challenging concepts.

The intuitive games in this program will pull students in and motivate them to diversify their ELA skills.

Each educational game is designed to target key vocabulary and reading comprehension techniques.

Students will feel more confident in their abilities as they are given rewards for their successes.

Like many other learning platforms, there’s a digital token system that your students will have access to.

With an account, students are given an avatar that they can use with an assortment of customizable accessories.

They can purchase avatar upgrades using digital currency when they complete their assigned tasks.

You can guarantee they’ll be far more motivated to improve their vocabulary knowledge to have the coolest avatar in the class.

They can also work in groups with customized assignments to win group achievements and meet their goals.

They will significantly benefit from the teaching methods provided by this program.

Apart from having more control over their studies, they can also receive immediate remediation, if needed.

When they encounter challenging concepts, they’ll have teacher-led assistance to help bridge learning gaps.

The independent practice activities will be a substantial benefit to their overall enrichment.

This reason is why the program is highly adaptable to homeschool and distance students.

As long as they have a mobile device or computer, they can access their assigned tasks.

Students can also opt to participate in independent tasks for further practice to prepare for tests.

Fortunately, the setup process is incredibly straightforward for parents to have their children get started quickly.

The added help for ELL and special needs students makes it an impressive tool for students at any level.

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Diverse Educational Tasks

Every student will have the opportunity to learn vocabulary at the level perfect for them.

As mentioned, this platform is beneficial for ESL or ELL and special needs students.

There are also games and tasks aligned for gifted students, so they are always challenged and learning new concepts.

Engaging Activities

Instead of using traditional activities to get your students engaged, the educational games are highly entertaining.

They can navigate vocabulary courses and explore new lands, much like video games.

They will gain invaluable ELA knowledge to further their abilities.

Immediate Remediation

While students work through their assignments, the platform analyzes their performance.

The program updates their proficiency level, which you can access using this data.

You can provide immediate assistance to guide students through tough topics for better proficiency.

This process is ideal to ensure every student gets the level of attention they need to succeed.


The pricing for this program varies depending on the number of licenses you’ll need to purchase.

A premium account gives you access to all of the unique features, as well as professional development opportunities.

The pricing tiers are as follows:

  • Up to 25 students: $69.95
  • 26-299 students: $2.70 per student
  • 300-999 students: $2.55 per student
  • 1000+ students: $2.25 per student


Vocabulary Spelling City is a convenient and easy-to-use program for teachers and students.

With self-paced lessons, hands-on tasks, and interactive games, there are plenty of avenues for students to learn.

Also, the user-friendly interface is easily accessible from numerous devices.

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