Wowzers: An Innovative Online Math Solution

Giving a Wowzers math login to students can significantly improve their understanding of key mathematical concepts.

This unique platform is explicitly designed for kindergarten to grade eight and includes entertaining activities.

Educators can take advantage of plenty of customizable features while students can feel more engaged in their studies.

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Wowzers math login allows your students to unlock an innovative world of math assignments in blended learning environments.

There are plenty of phenomenal components that work together to provide learners with a well-rounded education.

Standards-Aligned Tasks

All of the concepts students will navigate on this platform align with Common Core math standards.

As they work through their assignments, their mastery is recorded and reported in real-time for you to review.

Math Games

One of the best ways to encourage your students to participate in their studies is to implement games.

This platform ensures plenty of engaging activities for them to take advantage of.

They’ll have several fun activities explicitly designed to target fundamental mathematical skills.

Built-In Assessments

Reinforcing learning is another essential concept to any online educational platform.

With this program, teachers can assign specific tasks that feature built-in assessments.

As students complete their activities, they need to complete short quizzes to reinforce the topics they’ve learned.

Over time, you’ll begin to see a significant improvement in understanding as well as overall performance.

It’s an essential component to ensuring learners are adequately prepared for the next steps of their educational journey.

Wowzers Math Login: How Does It Work?

For Teachers

Teachers will put plenty of unique features to fair use when developing their lesson plans.

As mentioned, all of the activities are in line with Common Core math standards; also, you can create personalized programs.

When you log into your teacher dashboard, you can manually create a customized curriculum for your students.

This process ensures that they are continually challenged with new concepts to diversify their learning.

One of the most beneficial components of the platform is that it’s easy for educators to implement.

With the help of technology, you can construct a thorough curriculum that engages hands-on learning.

When assigning assessments, you can choose two main styles: formal and informal.

Both assessments provide trackable progress so you can stay up-to-date with your students’ performance.

You can then use these real-time metrics to your advantage to find any significant gaps in learning.

By implementing a streamlined way of teaching math, you can offer more effective one-on-one teaching.

This information is also essential for developing more well-rounded lesson plans that target troublesome areas.

At the end of every class, you can guarantee you’ve provided help to students who need it the most.

Unlike other digital math programs, this platform easily aligns with the textbooks you’re using in the classroom.

You’ll find it’s easy to align your digital assignments with the most popular textbooks, including:

  • Bridges
  • Glencoe
  • Eureka
  • My Math
  • Go Math

For Students

Continual updates to this platform help make it more engaging and more manageable for students to use.

With the new student dashboard implementation, it’s easier for participants to track their progress.

This feature ensures that students can review math areas where they excel and struggle.

By encouraging learners to stay accountable for their studies, they are bound to improve.

Using their aggregated data, they can know when to ask for encouragement and better their skills.

There are also remediation videos with every assignment that students can use to conquer troublesome components.

There are over 100 videos that help target the specific concepts your students struggle with.

After each video, they can get back on track to achieve their learning goals in less time.

By far, the most significant component of this program is how adaptable it is to every student’s skill level.

Teachers can opt to let the program teach them thanks to its intuitive, adaptive engine.

As students work through their assignments, the platform’s algorithm adapts its learning paths for each student.

This process ensures that every learner is given information in a way that’s easy for them to understand.

It’s a far more personalized approach to teaching challenging math concepts so everyone can understand clearly.

Although you might instruct students differently, they will perform at the same level as their peers.

By the conclusion of their studies, they’ll be adequately prepared to take their education to the next level.


what is wowzersBenefits

Online and Offline Learning

Blended learning is exceptionally beneficial, especially for distance students.

This platform provides students with the same quality of instruction they would receive in the classroom.

They’ll have access to both online and offline tasks, which makes their lessons far simpler to access at any time.

Research-Based Concepts

When implementing a new platform in schools, it’s essential to ensure the programs you’re using are proven.

The research-based strategies in these lesson plans, assessments, and activities are essential for all learners.

Your students will have a far easier time working through challenging math concepts using engaging tools and games.

Customizable Learning

Every student has unique learning requirements they need to meet to succeed.

The customizable learning paths this program offers are well-rounded and challenging.

Participants can navigate independently assigned studies based on their skill level for continual improvements.

Diverse Homework Options

Aside from in-class and distance learning, you can also assign homework tasks to their students.

You can opt to print out activities for home, assign blended learning activities, and create performance tasks.

You can guarantee there won’t be a shortage of customizable homework types to keep your students engaged.


The pricing for this program is dependent on the number of students and teachers that need access.

To get a clear idea of your school or class’ cost, you’ll need to fill out a quick quote form.

You’ll likely be able to acquire a discount if you need bulk licenses for an entire school or district.


With Wowzers, students can access many unique math tasks, games, and assessments.

Teachers will have access to customizable features and textbook-aligned assignments for their classrooms.

It’s a fantastic addition to your school if you need an effortless way to boost your schools’ math participation.

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