The Education Reference Desk features a comprehensive listing of scholarships for all types of students. We give you the freedom to browse by categories, such as minority scholarships for Native Americans or scholarships for women. You can also search by your field of study such as business, nursing, or medical scholarships. There are many other subjects and categories to browse. We have also sorted scholarships by state, so please find your state and browse for scholarship opportunities.


Minority Scholarships

Hispanics and African Americans comprise the largest groups of minority students in America, and there are numerous scholarship opportunities for these students. There are also scholarships available for other minority groups such as students with disabilities and Native Americans.

Native Americans

There are many Federal grants and scholarships available for Native American students. There are certain scholarship funds designed to support tribal colleges and universities in America. Tribal colleges make it possible to educate Native Americans by extending valuable monies and grants to willing students.


Female students, including minorities, will discover endless sources of scholarship funds. The fields of Engineering, Mathematics, and many other Sciences have been scarcely populated with women professionals. Just recently, more and more organizations and educational institutions are supporting the efforts of women with these interests.


Perhaps some of the more well-known scholarship programs, and certainly highly advertised and promoted, have been those aimed at student athletes. Only a small number of college athletes even qualify to apply for the big athletic scholarships with all the largest universities, but there are untold amounts of grant and scholarship money available to athletes playing for small to medium-sized college teams. Many smaller colleges focus on attracting good athletes with solid academic records who balance their reputations in both areas.

Private Sector – Fortune 500

We offer a list of Fortune 500 Company Scholarships. Many top corporations, such as Coca-Cola, make it a part of their business model to extend scholarship money to gifted students from all backgrounds. Often, grants require the student to study in a related field. This list is the best of the best in available funds from the biggest corporations in the country.