10 Best Colleges That Offer GED and Degree at the Same Time

Finding the best colleges that offer GED and degrees at the same time can help you save plenty of time and money in school.

These programs are for students who were unable to get high school diplomas but still seek a degree for their future careers.

We found top-ranked schools that offer both. Ranked from lowest yearly cost to highest, each of these schools meets the following criteria:

  • An average yearly expense of no more than $13,000
  • A median starting salary of no less than $35,000
  • Programs accredited by recognized bodies

10 Best Colleges That Offer GED and Degree at the Same Time

1. Georgia Piedmont Technical College

2 Year; Clarkston, GA

Average Annual Cost: $3,708

At Georgia Piedmont Technical College, students will want to consider adult education programs.

With these programs, you’ll be able to earn your GED or high school equivalency diploma alongside a credit or technical certificate.

Depending on the career you intend to pursue in the future, this learning pathway can be incredibly beneficial.

The technical certificates offered by Georgia Piedmont Technical College are available for different specialties, including nursing, construction, and welding.

Another massive benefit of their adult education program is that it can be completed quickly, with most programs ending within six months.

In addition, you can choose to take the program either on-campus or online, depending on which suits your schedule.

Georgia Piedmont Technical College is one of the top accredited technical colleges in the state.

It has received accreditation from the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools and the Commission on Colleges.

2. Clackamas Community College

2-4 Year; Oregon City, OR

Average Annual Cost: $5,363

Clackamas Community College is a great option for students in Oregon looking to obtain a GED and college-level degrees.

Their unique programs are specifically designed for students looking for their high school equivalency diplomas, offering plenty of support during their studies.

Unlike other programs, you must complete this in person rather than online.

At Clackamas Community College, students will enroll in the JumpStart program.

This three- to five-week course will look at the skills of each enrollee to determine which classes they should be placed in.

You’ll typically be put in GED classes, a basic education program for adults, or a high school diploma program for adults.

From there, you can work towards obtaining your GED while also deciding which major you want to study.

Immediately after your GED studies, you can enroll in your desired program.

3. Del Mar College

2-4 Year; Corpus Christi, TX

Average Annual Cost: $5,630

Del Mar College has two programs you might be interested in if you want to earn your GED and college-level credits.

First, students can enroll in their basic education program for adults, which helps students prepare for their GED tests.

This program is designed to scale with each student’s learning abilities, ensuring you’re training at your own pace.

The second option is to enroll in the Ability to Benefit program that helps students work towards earning six credits towards their college education while earning their GED simultaneously.

Like the other programs on this list, you’ll find these are highly competitive. Spots run out quickly, so applying as soon as possible is important.

4. Jefferson Community and Technical College

2 Year; Louisville, KY

Average Annual Cost: $5,954

Jefferson Community and Technical College’s “dual degree” program is one of the best in the nation.

Students will have a clear pathway to help them earn a GED and college certificate simultaneously.

In addition, college certificates are available in highly desirable specialties, which include:

  • IT Service
  • Business
  • Construction
  • Logistics
  • Healthcare

Jefferson Community and Technical College’s program is ideal if you’re working with a tight schedule.

It’s designed to be completed within four months as long as you attend all your on-campus classes.

To guarantee the quality of your education, this school is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges.

5. Lakeshore Technical College

2 Year; Cleveland, WI

Average Annual Cost: $8,545

Lakeshore Technical College has an adaptable program open to students seeking a GED and college degree at the same time.

With enrollment, you can begin working towards your high school equivalency diploma.

You’ll then be transitioned into college-level courses that you can put toward your future degree.

One of the more fascinating aspects of this program is that students can earn their first six credits for free.

After six credits, you’ll need to pay for your schooling, although many financial aid options are available.

Another fantastic benefit of Lakeshore Technical College’s GED and college degree program is that students can choose between online and in-person classes.

6. Portland Community College

2-4 Year; Portland, OR

Average Annual Cost: $9,464

Portland Community College has a unique program for students who weren’t able to finish high school and earn their degrees.

The Yes to College and Gateway to College programs help students earn degrees for their future.

Currently, it is only available to students between 16 and 20 years old.

It’s also designed for ESL students or those who need assistance with English proficiency.

Meanwhile, the Gateway to College program is for students who require alternative classroom placement for learning at their own pace.

In both programs, students can enroll in GED courses at the college while also considering college courses simultaneously.

7. Rockland Community College

2-4 Year; Suffern, NY

Average Annual Cost: $9,934

Rockland Community College’s GED program is slightly different than the others on this list.

When enrolled, students can earn a 24-credit high school equivalency degree that acts in place of a standard GED.

This training is designed to help prepare you for your high school equivalency test, which is required to continue college learning.

This program is available to all interested students, but you must take several preparatory steps beforehand.

First, students must complete an English and math assessment and submit a Rockland Community College application.

It’s also required that students are 19+ years of age and reside in New York.

After completing this 24-credit program and obtaining your high school equivalency degree, you can continue post-secondary learning.

As you are already a student of Rockland Community College, you’ll simply continue on your learning path rather than having to reapply.

8. Guilford Technical Community College

2 Year; Jamestown, NC

Average Annual Cost: $10,898

Guilford Technical Community College is home to many learning pathways for students looking to acquire their GED and college diplomas.

One of the most interesting offerings is their adult high school and GED program.

In this setting, students will work towards earning an adult high school, GED, or other high school equivalency diploma.

From there, you can apply to your desired college courses to begin working towards earning your degree.

Along with the GED program, students can enroll in Back to Basics, programs designed to assist with reading, math, and career skills.

Students can also take POWER classes, designed to assist with literacy and job skills in those with intellectual disabilities.

9. Monroe College

2-4 Year; Bronx, NY

Average Annual Cost: $12,239

Students enrolled at Monroe College can earn their high school equivalency degree and associate’s degree at the same time.

This program is slightly longer than others, as most students take around two years to complete it fully.

That said, you’ll be able to earn a full associate’s degree during this time to help with your future career.

Fortunately, Monroe College’s GED program is highly flexible, offering both online and in-person classes.

You’ll also find that you can fulfill most of your GED requirements within the first year.

10. Laney College

2-4 Year; Oakland, CA

Average Annual Cost: $12,828

Laney College has a fantastic adult education program offered in coordination with Oakland Adult & Career Education.

Students can take GED classes while working towards a degree on the Laney College campus.

This program is a fantastic option because enrolled students can take college classes for free.

Also known as concurrent enrollment, you can work towards your degree and your GED simultaneously for a fraction of the cost.

This program is available to a specific number of students annually, meaning it’s highly competitive.

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Not to mention you’ll get top-quality education to satisfy the specific needs for your future career.

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